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Anime Expo is the largest celebration of Japanese pop culture in North America! Join us in downtown LA on July , , plus Pre-Show Night on July 3!.
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It sucks that someone may have grabbed your ass or your girlfriends but that may have just been who you talked too. While things are unorganized a lot of the people working here are volunteers and aren't getting paid, you try dealing with thousands of people's problems and not getting paid. The convention scene really just does not seem like the place for you and you probably shouldn't have bought a four day if it were your first time and you didn't know what you were getting into.

For parking there is public transportation and for picking up your tickets there were two days before Saturday you could've picked yours up. The more you beta cucks refuse to call out anime expo for their lack of organization, the worse it will get. No wonder they were useless, they made things worse.

Dating At Anime Conventions - Rant

Been in line 6 hours in the sun, I know lets annoy them more by yelling about being 4 inches to far to the right when in line. Oh everything is closed get a refund or a free pass for the second day Nope we dont have anymore. The volunteers acted like total asshole, they didnt really care.

Speed Dating Anime Expo

The ones I dealt with were assholes. Yes a convention pass not money. Also based on your name and usage of the word cucks you divvy seem to be worth talking too. You said they aren't getting paid, and I literally just pointed out that they do, indeed, get paid. This objectively disproves your claim that "the volunteers aren't getting paid. I mean it isnt money and i know in my opinion that getting money to deal with someone like you would be a much better motivator. Not the other poster, but I worked at a smaller con before. My training didn't prepare me to handle the volume of people.

It is easy to get frustrated with people who aren't sure what they are doing but if you think about the hours they are required to be there and compare it to the cost of a 4 day pass, it really isn't worth it. If they chose to actively recruit AX event staff with hourly wages and with prior experience and had a better organization structure maybe tickets to go into the panels so that they could show what is maximum capacity it would be better. The cost for attending is still quite low for general attendees and uncapped.

I still had a good time going to the con but I came in with low expectations because I went last year and it was still really packed and uncertain if I would get into my panels with the number of people who cut me in line. Volunteers DO get paid with free badges bro Where were you guys lining up to get inside? Saturday my group of friends lined up by the Staples center. Today we lined up at the main entrance. We were inside in less than five minutes.

Fucking sucks that there was no communication at all. I feel it man. No excuse for the staff to let this happen man. The same experience happened with me. Tomorrow should be much better since it's a Monday. It better be lol. I feel like the event holders got greedy, they should've placed a cap on amount of tickets sold. I waited no line to get my tickets and waited 40 minutes too Get on Saturday 15 minutes this morning. You must be doing something wrong. That's what happened with me. Except I planned it out by asking people what tips I should know and getting places early first time at anime expo.

Yeah it was such a clustering chaos but still with correct planning you will always be at a upper hand compare to others. AX needs to get their shit together and this community needs to grow the fuck up and realize people have lives, obligations and responsibilities. There were a fucking ton of supportive parents with their children in cosplay waiting in that line just to get disappointed after the heat, waiting, diversion through neighborhoods and parking shittiness with only a few minutes in the main hall an artist alley. Rationalizing AX management's lack of planning with a "fuck you I got mine in 30 minutes" or "do your research" attitude is childish and pathetic.

AX dropped the ball on Saturday attendees and the apology they issued is shallow and unapologetic. They blamed long lines on security when really the issue was lack of crowd control and inadequate staffing for badge pickup. While that's true, but planning goes a long way. It's like showing up to a Disneyland and getting angry about how you spend half the day in line. No, it's extremely obvious that the event was managed incompetently. There are ways to make sure that an event doesn't become this overcrowded, and the fact that people waited in a 5 hour line for badge pickup shows that this event was not run smoothly at all.

They know how many people are going to be there. They know how long it takes to move people through security. When you have people waiting 5 hours to get into your event, your top priority should be to do something to fix that. I didn't say it wasn't fucked up, lol. I'm just saying a shit show is going to happen. Like even if it was managed perfectly, something would have fucked up. But this time it was BOTH.

While I experienced a hassle free AX, I realize for many others it wasn't so much. AX fucked up but a clown fiesta is bound to happen with so many damn people and volunteer staff. Planning half the battle, I don't disagree. But failing to process ticket pickups in a timely enough manner is inexcusable. My group of 6 parked at , ubered over and it took until to find the end of the line. We waited for 2 hours until our line started feeding into the clusterfuck near the main entrance and another 3 hours before we said fuck it at the corner with the subway and taco shops prior to the halfway turnaround.

Figueroa which was 2 hours prior to us saying fuck it. It's big time fucked, I'm not disagreeing with that. When I went last year, I waited like hours. Avoided that by picking up early. But it is a little ridiculous that they just can't mail them out. Damn, that's weird about last year. My wife and I went on Saturday morning last year and just walked up to get our badges with no wait. This yearcompletely blindsided us and the first timers we convinced to come. Yeah that's really bad on their part. That's one way for them to get people to not come back, which is already happening.


That's because Saturday was the second day of the con last year. It was an extra fuckfest this year compared to the previous is due to the fact that day 1 was on a Saturday. If it was a weekday, I can guarantee that it would be less crowded.

Survival Guide

I'm curious about the number of AX volunteers likely people with 8 hrs pre-con training and attendee volunteers. And what the ratio of volunteers to attendees per day is. Like someone mentioned before I feel like it's because you're a first timer. I came Friday to get my badge and it took me 20 min.. I came at 5 pm. And this weekend I waited in line to get in at most 2 min. You just gotta know where to enter from and what time.

You guys should've explored more. Reading that it took you 6 hours just to get into the con was painful.. I can't stand for that long LOL There were so many open side entrances, many of which didn't require badge checks AND no to little lines. That huge ass line on the first day that went all the way to staples center? Me and my group skipped it just by checking the west hall entrance.

Today we were about to line up to get in, but one of the stair entrances was pretty much open. I'm sorry for your experience and hope they ax get their shit together soon. Yeah man it sucked I had a blast reading your post, absolutely fantastic read. Next time just cut the line, waiting 6 hours is unacceptable. Some of these problems could've been easily solved with a question or some common sense. Where the hell are all these lines coming from? Saturday morning I went out for breakfast with my friends before getting in line and that was probably an hour at most.

I made no particular effort to get there early. I'm not calling anyone a liar, this is my first AX and I had a pretty swell time. I don't know how long the line was to get in at any time between 11 and 3, because I was in the line snaking around the entire place. Communicate with those interested in attending your gathering.


Print it out and bring it with you, or put it on your phone. Better yet, tell people ahead of time on your event page. Organize accordingly — put the bigger groups first and have the full group picture at the end.

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  7. Especially important for large gatherings: Get a megaphone plastic ones work too! Scope out the area and have a plan for where to position everyone: Communicate with the gathering before you that your gathering is next. Have a helper or five! Cosplayers won't be able hold those poses forever!

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    Small stair area in outdoor area of Concourse Hall Guidelines: Suitable for small gatherings only. Only one gathering may be held at a time. From West Hall, exit doors next to Galaxy Cafe. A valid AX badge is required to attend gatherings located at this site, as it is within the AX event area. Suitable for one large gathering or two medium-sized gatherings. Please stick to stair area and do not block walkway. From West Hall, exit doors next to Petree Hall, then walk diagonally to the left.

    Changing the topic quickly, he asked me how old I was. This guy was a jerk. I could see that at least. I didn't realize after the date that that was a line he used on all bespectacled ladies. Unfortunately for him, it backfired. About halfway through my 25 dates, a man lumbered over to my table.

    Probably 6 foot 2 or 6 foot 3 at least. He wore a black dress shirt, black pants and a black tie. With his sleek black hair and muscular body, he was indistinguishable from a regular, non-Fan speed dater. Except that he had looped the Blue Lantern ring through his tie.

    Fittingly, the blue power ring is fuelled by hope. His first question to me, after sitting down and introducing himself, was to rank the Star Trek franchises from best to worst. Frankly, someone who likes Star Trek: It's like pairing a cat person with a dog person. A few tables down from me there was a young woman dressed in the white robe of Princess Leia. A cleancut young man in an impressively authentic Star Trek uniform, parading around as a young Captain Jean-Luc Picard, sat down with her. I have no idea how their date went but from an aesthetic and sci-fi Fan point of view, this was easily the greatest crossover coupling.

    Leia's feisty spirit would be perfectly complemented by Picard's rational, steady approach to everything. A match made in the holy sci-fi nerddom.

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    5. My last date was a man who used his income from his pharmacy job to pursue his passion as a costume designer. And yes, he was in a costume. Sporting a blood-splattered white dress shirt, brown slacks, a stripe tie and a Foree Electric nametag, it was clear even to me and I haven't seen the movie that he was the zombie-slaying Shaun from Shaun of the Dead.

      What with the spanking and all? Bell rings to end the date and the session. You find out your matches by filling out a checklist. If they check you off too, you're matched. A skilled dater knows that by checking everyone off — whether you liked them or not — you're guaranteed to see all of the people who liked you.