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Next one should be published later today. Posted December 20, at 8: Posted December 20, at 9: Posted December 23, at 4: I never thought there were so many nuances to shipping before reading this column. Not Just an OTP: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The Percy Jackson Musical 14 January 8: Outsiders, Episodes 4 — 6 11 January 9: The first teaser for Game of Thrones season 8 14 January 7: This is a burgeoning newcomer ship that seems to have spread from a few key well-known members of slash fandom. Probably a combination of the natives of slash fandom getting restless and itchy for a new show to ship, and the unusual traits of this particular show.

John Reese, played by Jim Caviezel better known as Jesus in that dreadful Mel Gibson torture porn movie is a down-and-out ex-spy, defeated and depressed until the science fiction genius Finch gives him a new purpose.

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Now in its second season, the show has been on the slash fandom radar for a while now—and has produced some interesting, totally NOT Work-safe, results. Over on our Tumblr page , byjinder asked: Can you feature the Stanner pairing sometime? Yes, that is the actual title.

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