Why is world of tanks matchmaking so bad

Why does this game have such bad matchmaking! I'm playing with my pinymosafu.gq T 15 and suddenly I see Tier 5 tanks that I can't even penetrate.
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Usually you might get one shot off then someone spots you or makes sure the middle is spotted. The type 62 has decent camo so when they never contested the hill I almost felt bad XoBlitzkriegoX, on 04 June - The funniest part is I did almost exactly the same thing in the Rudy this afternoon. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files. Undeniable proof that matchmaking is rigged.

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I can just see the flame train coming your way. There's an official matchmaking thread you can post this on. By winpaul1 , February 27, in General Discussions. Yah of coarse some of y wanna play destroyers though you're suck at it. Cruisers and Battleship with bad players doesn't matter. Cause they don't really play huge roles as the DD.

The team with Terrible DD players are getting unbelievable disadvantage compared to team with decent DD players. Cause they play vital role on winning the Game. I also want to make some similar thread like this, but, in battle Not immature of real age but time spent with this game.

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If I have no backup, when my position exposed IJN DD had no capacity as dueler. So if I'm die quickly, not because I'm bad As any CA class. Start battle, moving forward, 1 minutes after battle start, get citadelled by enemy BB and destroyed in 1 shot. Do I play bad? In this game, you have to take a risk to obtain some position or else, you will be surrounded or losing points.

In taking some maneuver, there always risk. Some shot just missed, low impact, high impact or 1 hit kill citadel style. Enemy better in shot or me just unlucky.

You move to front? Hunted by enemy DD or Torpedo Bomber Back as point number 2, taking risk. The only thing I dislike in my matches are, when my teammate didn't stick to plan, or probably they didn't know the plan at all.

Bad Matchmaking!

Like all ships moving to 1 side Hellsfog, on Nov 28 - Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Why is the matchmaking so wrong? Started by Whosurdaddyyo , Nov 28 - Please log in to reply.

Whosurdaddyyo 1 Posted Nov 28 - ArtofTanks 2 Posted Nov 28 - Yet when you are in an OI it feels like everything is penning you. Rawrlynn 3 Posted Nov 28 - ArtofTanks 4 Posted Nov 28 - GaussDeath 5 Posted Nov 28 - Focus on his buddies, reposition and get flank shots into his weaker armor.